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Griddy is a membership service that allows costumers to purchase electricity directly from the grid at wholesale prices. I joined the company at a time when the entire industry had gone through an unprecedented surge in prices that dramatically altered the value of Griddy's business and core product. As the product design lead, I was tasked to redefine and evolve the framework of the existing product so that we could add more robust datasets, analytics, and integrations to better protect users from market volatility.


Product Strategy
User Testing
Rapid Prototyping


Phil Rhie, Lead Product Designer
Victoria Koi, Product Designer
Mark Stitz, Head of Product
Elyse Fulcher, Art Director


2019 - present


Due to the dramatic nature of 2019's price surges, Griddy was forced to reevaluate the foundations of its business and the value of its core product. For the product team, what that meant was that we needed to a) immediately discover and validate entirely new value-add features that could inspire trust and reengage users to the business and b) build them within a highly aggressive timeline—specifically within Q1 and Q2 of 2020. Thus, we built a completely new consumer-facing product along with a series of back-end tools that could power its datasets.


We were able to build our MVP and release it to the entirety of our 30,000 users by the end of Q2—thereby meeting our aggressive deadline. Concurrently, we expanded our roadmap with features through Q3 and Q4 of 2020. We also structured a feedback loop with our most engaged users to create a 10% rollout plan with the intention of testing our product with variation beta builds in closed environments.

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