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Stem is a music distribution and financial analytics tool that automates royalty splits and monthly payments for artists, labels, and businesses. As the first design hire, I was responsible for defining the initial design discipline, augmenting the existing core product and internal tools, as well as introducing brand new features to the market. My role extended through research, strategy, ideation, and implementation.


Product Design
User Research
Feedback Testing


Phil Rhie, Design Manager
Connie Yen, Art Director
Ross Lindly, Sr. Product Manager
Jovin Cronin-Wilesmith, VP, Product


2017 - 2019


Our two biggest priorities heading into 2018 were to 1) introduce several brand new features into our core product and 2) revitalize our mobile app based on those features. Feature exploration involved extensive research into user behavior as well as understanding interactive patterns that already existed in the market, while the challenges of the mobile app involved translating our desktop experience tangibly to a different platform.


Some key results included increasing our user base 10x from 2,000 to 20,000, closing 10+ exclusive client deals, entering into early M&A conversations, and shipping 2-3 brand new features in our core product. We also utilized our prototypes to define our product roadmap heading into 2018, segmenting our core product from direct-to-consumers to an enterprise model.

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