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Prior to my joining the team, Victorious had pivoted the product on a few occasions. At this particular time, the product was an events platform that facilitated live interaction between content creators and their fans. Given the novelty of the company's new business directive, the pipeline between the products' internal tools and consumer-facing platform had to be rebuilt. I was brought in to help solve this problem.


Product Design
User Experience


Phil Rhie, Product Designer
Samantha Hyman, Product Designer
Andrew Saul, Product Designer
Alex Tenyotkin, Head of Design




Perhaps the biggest challenge of this project was the legacy of technology that had already been built along with the technical debt that had accrued over the course of pivoting the product's core offering to the services that it provided now. Not only did our team have to redefine the pipeline between content managemt and deployment, we also had to completely rethink the way content creators interacted with the product and, therefore, their fans.


During my tenure, we were able to establish a clear roadmap to rebuild our internal tools as well as a strategy for feedback testing against our core stakeholders. Furthermore, we saw an uptick in usage against our main demographic of fans—allowing us to increase resourcing to expand the efficacy of our content management system.

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